1974-11-08 The Bottom Line, NYC

Disco1974-11-08 The Bottom Line, NYC
VenueUSA, The Bottom Line, New York, NY
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1974-11-08 NYC AUD.torrent
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November 8, 1974
The Bottom Line
New York, NY

First Set (45:09):
1. Mtume - 19:40
2. Funk - (Prelude, part 1) -10:29
3. Maiysha - 14:57

Second Set (37:59):
1. Band warming up - 0:30
2. Turnaroundphrase - 8:32
3. Tune in 5 - 5:12
4. Untitled Original - 13:40
5. Tune in 5 - 10:01

Miles Davis - trumpet, organ
Sonny Fortune - alto and soprano saxophones, flute
Pete Cosey - guitar, percussion
Reggie Lucas - guitar
Dominique Gaumont - guitar
Michael Henderson - electric bass
James Mtume Foreman - percussion
Al Foster - drums

Audience recording; possibly open-air microphones on or near stage.

AUD >? >DAT at 32 kHZ >S/PDIF via M-Audio Audiophile digital soundcard >SoundForge 6.0 and Wavelab 5.0 >CD Wave >FLAC (level 8)

Received erroneously dated November 18. According to Losin, the Davis Octet played the Bottom Line on two nights, November 8-9 (Friday-Saturday). This could be from either night.

Technical Note:
Track titles have been named by set, not disc, but as total time (83:04) exceeds the standard 80-minute CD-R length it is advisable to burn to audio as two discs or use longer, non-standard blank media. Losin gives the total time as 81:31. Slower playback speed could account for the slightly longer track times on this set (or faster playback on Losin's source). Intermittent flaws in the left channel were replaced with content from the right channel, resulting in short interruptions to the stereo signal. As none of these patches is very long, nor was the stereo separation of the original source very good to begin with, these will not likely detract from the listening experience.

Although the same performance has been released on commercial bootlegs, this particular set comes directly from collectors' trading circles and may differ in sound quality or other aspects.

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