1989-04-10 Udine, Italy

Disco1989-04-10 Udine, Italy
VenueItaly, Palasport Carnera, Udine
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis
10 april 1989
Palasport Carnera, Udine, Italy

disk 1

01. Jilli 6.56
02. Hannibal 6.32
03. Intruder 3.38
04. Star People 11.15
05. Perfect Way 5.20
06. Mr. Pastorius 7.58
07. Human Nature 12.03
08. Tutu 11.57
09. Time After Time 9.11
10. Full Nelson 4.47

disk 2

01. Me And You 5.59
02. Carnival Time 21.20

Miles Davis
Kenny Garret, sax
Kei Akagi, kbd
Foley, 4 string gtr
Benny Rietveld, bass
Ricky Wellman, drums
Monyungo Jackson, perc

Lineage: ? > cass (Maxell XLII) > Philips cdr 785 (0db) > cdr > EAC > wav >
> EAC sound processor (deleted glitches, normalization at 98% if peak>98% or <85%) > wav >
> CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > Mkw > SHN

Note: edited version
I attended this concert and recorded it on a portable walkman.
The cassette is now somewhere at my parents' house, one day I'll dig it out; I can only recall the recording level was too high.
I had looked for this show for a long time as a trade, but it seemed that this was not around.
One day I traded with a very friendly and generous friend, David in WI, who sent me the show on his originals, two maxell XL II cassettes.
After a while seasoning on my shelf (!) I could transfer the cassettes on cdr, make the above adjustments and editing and SHN it for distribution.

Known issues:
Since this is from tape origin, d1t6 fades out and d1t7 fades in.

Final tip:
I also enclose the scan of my ticket, with Foley's and Monyungo's autographs on the back.
Do not encode to Mp3 and never for sale!


Greg (g_grega2000@yahoo.it)