1986-08-31 Detroit

Disco1986-08-31 Detroit
VenueUSA, Detroit, Michigan
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M i l e s D a v i s Detroit, Michigan August 31st 1986 MATRIX(PA-SBD (delayed, at about ratio 0.2 ) & Beyer Dynamics mounted on mike stand on mixing desk stand)>MCA(Sony TC D5 M, TDK D no dolby)>CAS>Marc 2(24/64)>HD>WAVELAB Remaster ( using Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction, Click & Clack Removal, Pitch Shifter,Steinberg Stereo Expander at -16%, plug ins)> 16 bit/ 44.1 khz conversation> 99,9 % normalisation>CD Wave (tracking)>flac frontend (level 8) This is the last show with Robben Ford. MD_1986-8-31-A Opening Medley: Right Off/Street Scenes/Speak/That?s What Happened New Blues Perfect Way Human Nature Wrinkle Tutu MD_1986-8-31-B >Splatch Time After time Tomaas Carnival Introduction Burn Portia Personell Miles Davis Trumpet, Keyboards Robben Ford Guitar Bob Berg Tenor & Soprano Saxophone Bobby Irving Keyboards, Musical Director Adam Holzman Keyboards Felton Crews 5 String & 4 String Bass Guitars Steve Thornton Percussion Vince Wilburn Drums, Simmons Drums Ron Lorman PA Engineer, tape recording DON'T FUCK MUSICANS! THIS RECORDING IS NOBODY ELSES PROPERTY THAN THE MUSICANS, AND, OR THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER (S). THIS NOTE IS ADRESSED TO THOSE PEOPLE ONLY, WHO SELL CDRS, OR MAKING BOOTLEGS. NOT JUST A FEW MUSICANS ACCEPT TAPERS. ONLY A FEW MUSICANS MAKING THE BIG MONEY, WHILE MOST OTHERS HAVE TO FIGHT HARD NOWADAYS TO SURVIVE WITH THEIR MUSIC. HEY, IF YOU LIKE THEIR ART, WHY NOT SUPPORTING THEM IN BUYING SOME OF THEIR RELEASES,OR BUYING A TICKET FOR ONE OF THEIR SHOWS?