1985-09-01 Berkeley Greek Theater

Disco1985-09-01 Berkeley Greek Theater
VenueUSA, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
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Miles Davis Berkeley Greek Theater 85-09-01
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Miles Davis Greek Theater Berkeley September 1985 2Cd FLAC.txt

Miles Davis
September 1, 1985
Greek Theater
Berkeley, Ca
AUD (Audio B- / Performance A+)
Taper (D- he would have gotten an F, but you can still hear the music)***

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Miles Davis (tpt, synth)
Bob Berg (ss, ts)
Mike Stern (g)
Robert Irving III (synth)
Angus Thomas (el-b)
Vincent Wilburn, Jr. (d)
Steve Thornton (perc)
Marilyn Mazur (perc,drums)

Disc 1
01. Track01 [0:00:17.20]
02. Track02 [0:02:53.96]
03. Track03 [0:08:07.36]
04. Track04 [0:07:09.86]
05. Track05 [0:12:15.74]
06. Track06 [0:03:33.96]

Disc 2
01. Track01 [0:11:04.13]
02. Track02 [0:09:18.57]
03. Track03 [0:10:23.40]
04. Track04 [0:01:45.48]
05. Track05 [0:12:15.26]
06. Track06 [0:09:45.70]
07. Track07 [0:05:36.74]

Includes private photos taken at the concert
by Rick Calic www.jazzrockworld.com

Another Release from the archives at www.jazzrockworld.com


My deepest gratitude to

Jan Lohmann - -
"The Sound of Miles Davis" - - __o
The Discography 1945 - 1991 - _\ <,
www.Jan-Lohmann.com - - - - -(_)/ (_)

For sending me this show!!!

If you can listen to this copy of the show and get past the tape hiss, the talking, the microphone moving, and finally listen to the music, it is still a special performance and a night of magic. It's hard to do, but if you can, you'll be in for a special Miles Davis, Mike Stern, Bob Berg treat.

When I asked Jan about the terrible taping of the show (while thanking him profusely for a copy), he said that he's got shows that are much worse. One in particular where the taper kept rolling while getting up and going to the "sandbox". So, at least this isn't the worst audience recording ever, but it ranks as pretty bad. Especially during the quieter parts, which on this night were particularly excellent.

By 1985 I had been to hundreds upon hundreds of concerts (starting at Fillmore West in March 1969) and had seen Miles many time since 1972. I can count on one hand the number of shows I've ever seen that standout as "best" - this show is one of those. While I was busy taking pictures, my buddy and I kept elbowing each other all during the show, saying the same thing over and over. "This is the best concert I've ever seen. Everyone in the band is playing the so tightly, it's like they're "possessed" to play the best they've ever played". This copy does nothing to support that, however, I can assure you this concert really was something special. If anyone has a better version, it would mean the world to me for a copy. Enjoy what you can on this one.