1971-11-06 Berlin

Disco1971-11-06 Berlin
VenueGermany, Philharmonie, Berlin
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles-Berlin-1971-Remaster.torrent
Original folder name: Miles-Berlin-1971-Remaster
Miles 1971-11-06 FIXED (updated).txt

Miles Davis
November 6, 1971
Berlin, Germany

Source: Dime post by 'twat'
NDR Radio Broadcast
Post Production: FLAC > WAV > Adobe Audition
(Pitch Bender: +60 cents, Fade Out: d1t08) >
CD Wave (Re-Tracked & removed gaps) > TLH > FLAC

Changes made (Nero 7):
Reduced RH channel to 70%
Cross faded L&R channels (80:20 ratio) to fix headphone unfriendly mix
Fixed glitch 8.22 in Honky Tonk
Fixed glitches 3.37 3.52 & 4.30 in Sanctuary
Fixed glitch at 0.41 in It's about that time
Combined the split Honky Tonk tracks (inc. short Funky Tonk fragment)
Fixed the Fade out / in between Sanctuary & It's about that time
Now it is a continuous set that fits on a CDR-90

Quality: I'd give it an A+ now (briggY?)

I downloaded a recent inferior version of this (id# 119734, now banned)
foolishly without reading the comments about twat's excellent older fixed version,
which I subsequently also grabbed.

Recording clarity is superb, with very low noise, so the original recorder
did a fantastic job, but it still needed the final touches (details above) to
make it a 'must have' recording.

Compared to other recent 1971 posts (Dietikon 1 & 2), this is has lower noise and
a much better mix as the 3 percussionists are spread across the stereo image (and
better recorded), as opposed to being stuck hard R or L-channel, so a much better
listen to my ears.

I would classify it as similar to the quality of the official Black Beauty CDs,
a slightly edgy sound, but terrific powerful performance, definitely towards the
electric side (my distinct preference as Keith plays a lot more organ) rather than
jazz side of this group's recordings, so...

...Hope you enjoy this as much as I do now !!

Miles Davis (tp)
Gary Bartz (ss, as)
Keith Jarrett (kb)
Michael Henderson (b)
Ndugu Leon Chancler (d)
Charles Don Alias (pc)
James Mtume Foreman (pc)

Set List (83.52)
00.51 Introduction / Band Warming Up
14.21 Directions
17.33 Honky Tonk (inc. Funky tonk fragment)
08.28 What I Say?
04.41 Sanctuary (inc.)
16.26 It's About That Time
21.27 Funky Tonk > Sanctuary

1. Many thanks again to 'twat' for his post and encouragement for this remaster
2. No artworks - can anybody help?

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Don't sell or do anything else you shouldn't do with this stuff!