1986-06-27 Vancouver

Disco1986-06-27 Vancouver
VenueCanada, Expo 86, Vancouver
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Miles Davis - Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada, 27. Juni 1986

Audience recording
Trade CDR => xACT/FLAC Level 7 => DIME

Miles Davis trumpet, keyboard
Wynton Marsalis* trumpet
Bob Berg tenor sax, soprano sax
Robben Ford guitar
Robert Irving III synthesizer
Adam Holzman synthesizer
Felton Crews electric-bass
Vincent Wilburn Jr drums
Steve Thornton percussion

Disc 1:
One Phone Call / Street Scenes 01:18
Speak 08:54
Star People* 05:35
Maze 08:34
Human Nature 07:41
Portia 07:43
Splatch 13:48
Time After Time 09:12

Disc 2:
Carnival Time 04:07
Tutu 07:00
Burn 07:19
Al Jarreau 06:06
Sequencer 00:39

* Wynton Marsalis unannounced enters the stage, and is the 2nd tp heard playing for 43 seconds
at the end of "Star People" (see MD Autobiography or Ian Carr`s Miles Bio page 465).

The tune is about 05:26. After 03:56 you hear the audience crying (maybe when Wynton entered the stage). Wynton played for 40 seconds.
But Miles told in his autobiography, that he stopped the band. Also Ian Carr in his book (page 465).
I don`t hear that the band stopped, and after the short appearance of Wynton the tune was finished and "Maze" beguns.
Maybe there is a Mles Fan here at Dime, who visited this Festival and can confirm this.

I found a posting here:
"....Thank God I saw Miles Davis wave Marsalis off the stage when he tried to join in during a Davis set at a jazz festival
during Expo '86 in Vancouver, Canada. I can recall the image of the usually natty Marsalis in sweats looking confused before
wondering back into the wings of the stage, his solo unfinished. ..."

So I believe it`s authentic. Enjoy!