1991-06-09 Detroit [err]

Disco1991-06-09 Detroit [err]
VenueUSA, Chene Park Music Theater, Detroit, MI
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles 910609-Detroit MI Aud Master.torrent
Original folder name: Miles 910609-Detroit MI Aud Master

Miles Davis
Chene Park Music Theater, Detroit, MI
June 9th 1991

Source: 96.54 min, master audience, B/B- (a bit boomy & echoey)
Equipment: Sony D3 with Sony ECM 929's
Lineage: Maxell xLII Cassette>Gina20>Sound Forge (record/edits)>
Shntool (SBE check)>CDWave>Soundforge 5: speed corr., tracking>
flac level 7 w/SBA (549 MB)

Taped By: Pat F.
Transferred By: whitenoise
Edited By: flambay

Line Up: unknown,
but all following June 1991 gigs (listed in kind-of-blue.de)
are mentioning this line-up:
Miles Davis (tp, synth); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Kei Akagi (synth); Joe "Foley" McCreary (lead-b); Richard Patterson (el-b); Ricky Wellman (d); Erin Davis (perc)

Set list:

01 Warming up Intro 0:36
02 Perfect Way 6:15
03 New Blues 10:35
04 Hannibal 12:20
05 Human Nature 12:28
06 Time After Time 9:51 °°° tape flip cut, final bars missing
07 The Senate 6:53
08 Me And You 4:40
09 Penetration 7:00
10 The Wrinkle 10:43
11 Tutu 8:23
12 Bass & Drum Outro 7:10

Total time 96.54 min

This show isn't listed (yet) in the P.Losin nor the kind-of-blue.de sessions databases.
A ticket stub.jpg is included here to support the evidence of this show's existence.

Special thanks to Pat F. for taping and to
whitenoise for transferring the tape and for passing along the files.

enjoy !!!

-- flambay

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Note: DVD corrupted, track md910609-Detroit - 10 The Wrinkle.flac missing