1981-09-25 Hollywood Bowl

Disco1981-09-25 Hollywood Bowl
VenueUSA, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
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A Robert Collins Master Recording

Artist: Miles Davis
Date: 1981-09-25
Location: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA
Seats: Box Seats.
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300
Source: A:C Master Tape, Stereo
Rating: A+
Length: 64 Mins

Musicians: Miles Davis: Trumpet, Piano; Bill Evans: Saxes; Mike Stern: Guitar; Marcus Miller: Bass; Al Foster: Drums

Notes: This was Miles Davis' return to live music tour. Previous to this tour, Miles had supposedly retired.
Apparently retirement didn't agree with Miles, so he recorded 'The Man With The Horn.' The night of
this concert, Miles was recovering from pneumonia, and you can tell. However, the soon-to-be-stellar
band more than made up for Miles' illness by giving the performances of their lives.

On my way up the road to the Hollywood bowl, I looked over and realized I was walking right next to
Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, and Gayle Moran (Chick's girlfriend at the time). I said hello, and they
were very nice in return.

My seats were incredible box seats, dead center in the Hollywood Bowl, in front of the mixing console.
This recording came out as one of my best quality shows from the Nakamichi recording days. I gave this
recording an A+ based on its sonic qualities -- sounding better than a standard studio release.

Lineage: AUD> Nakamichi 350 Cassette (Master Tape)
---> RME Audio Digi96 PAD (import to computer)
---> Sound Forge
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

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Track 1 00:26:35.967
Proclamation By The Mayor 00:03:09.117
Track 2 00:13:34.613
Track 3 00:20:25.744

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