1974-01-27 Toronto

Disco1974-01-27 Toronto
VenueCanada, Toronto
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: miles_02271974.torrent
Original folder name: miles

Miles Davis Septet
January 27, 1974
Audience Recording

Cassette (from Jan Lohmann Collection)>Cassette>Creative>CDWave to split tracks>FLAC

THANKS TO FREEKJAZZ (Jason) for supplying these tapes. There will be 2 more early 70's Miles shows coming soon.

Audience tape, unknown gen. Sound samples provided. Jan L. has many sources and so it is safe to presume this is the best circulating. If you have a better source, now would be the time to share! :) Despite it's limitations, if you are reading this you already know how hard it is to get Miles from this era!

Miles Davis, tpt, organ
Dave Liebman: ss, ts, fl
Pete Cosey: Guitar, perc
Reggie Lucas: Guitar
Michael Henderson: Bass
Al Foster: Drums
James Mtume Forman: conga, perc

Here is the setlist per Miles Ahead/Plosin

First Set:
Band tunes up
Turnaround Phrase
Tune in 5
Right Off
Funk [prelude part 1]

Set 2
Band warming up
For Dave
Calypso Frelimo (with conga solo in middle)

Now, I have tried to match up with the times Plosin provides, but since some band members rarely if ever stop playing, it is hard to decide where the boundaries actually are. Any decisions previously made are arbitrary to some degree unless a clear boundary occurs. There are mic noises at the end of the track I marked D102 where the taper is messing with the gear, and the band appears to be tuning. This may be part of set 2, but it is on side a of the tape.
SO, I divided the tracks as follows, doing the best I could to preserve continuity. If you have any setlist corrections or input, go ahead and post. I doubt I will re-edit the tracks and repost. Set 2 has clearer breaks than set 1 IMHO.

I posted samples from Set 1 that show how hard these transitions are to define.

Set 1

D101 All for the first set as found on this recording as one track
D102 Tuning (could possibly be beginning of set 2, one guitarist definitely tuning)

Set 2

D201 Ife
D202 For Dave
D203 Calypso Frelimo

d203 calypso frelimo .flac:8b620c1b6192b458450de7bee95f703a
d102 tuning and such.flac:d9a7d4f819b8d61b7a4205c0c77b84cd
d201 Ife.flac:d867d40d5da305753a20ee2f850939b1
d202 for dave.flac:c228e32748027cc5fe0891374edb079f