1982-07-31 Seattle

Disco1982-07-31 Seattle
VenueUSA, Kool Jazz Festival, Center Arena, Seattle, WA
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles_Davis_Seattle_July_31_1982.torrent
Original folder name: Miles_Davis_Seattle_July_31_1982

Miles Davis Sextet
July 31, 1982
Kool Jazz Festival
Center Arena, Seattle, WA
audience recording

Miles Davis (tp, p)
Bill Evans (ss, ts, fl, p)
Mike Stern (g)
Marcus Miller (b)
Al Foster (d)
Mino Cinelu (pc)

1. tuning and chatter (00:55)
2. Back Seat Betty (16:25)
3. Ife (23:34)
4. Aida (18:53)
5. Jean Pierre (18:58)
6. applause (00:58)

Taperpat's comments:

Recorded by Taperpat and Wayne Gaddy from about 50 feet from the PA stack,
3rd row from the floor. 1 Sony ECM 270 (RC) & 1 ECM 18n (LC) > Sony D5M >
Sony 153SD (simultaneously in a chain). Mics on a stack of coats aiming up
toward the overhanging PA. Miles opened the Kool Jazz Festival and it was
quickly determined that 1 of the 270's had a cable short so the switch to
the 18n became necessary. Thus the first 5 minutes are mono until the 18n
kicks in. The D5M XLIIS master was sticking during playback so Wayne's 152
SD master was the main source of the show with the D5M used for a patch
source during the staggered tape flip. Wayne used a NAK DR3 for playback>
Denon C550R burner, Taperpat a Sony RX79ES> Phillips 785 standalone.
Miles opened for Herbie Hancock (w/ Branford Marsalis) and Jeff Lorber (w/
Kenny G). Both should follow shortly. Thanks to John for all his work.

My comments:

I received two discs from Taperpat. The first one had the entire show
without cuts or gaps. The sound quality of the recording on the second disc
was better, but unfortunately 'Back Seat Betty' was incomplete, so I used
the version from the first disc for this seed. All the other tracks came
from the second disc. With some editing I could create seamless transitions
between track 1 (from disc #2), track 2 (from disc #1) and track 3 (from
disc #2), so cross-fades were not necessary. I increased the volume of
'Back Seat Betty' from the first disc somewhat, so that the volume level
became more or less identical to the volume of the tracks from the second
disc. I didn't have to do much else, except for removing some gaps and
silences. The second disc is a first-class audience recording and the sound
quality is amazing for an audience recording from the early 1980's. Thanks
to Taperpat and Wayne for making this available.

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