1975-01-22 Tokyo

Disco1975-01-22 Tokyo
VenueJapan, Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis Septet
January 22, 1975
Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo (Japan)
Unknown radio broadcast

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New transfer for this torrent. THANK YOU FREAKJAZZ for the tape!

Sound samples provided. The sound is really good. Of the tapes FJ loaned me to transfer and post here, I think this is the best in both sound and performance. If you like Agharta and this era, this show is for you. VERY out there at times, with Cosey in full force but also restrained in length. The interplay is very good, and what need you say but Sonny Fortune! Best Miles I’ve gotten from this era in years.

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sonny Fortune (ss, as, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)Information from Plosin site:First set 1 Band warming up 2:09 Introductory announcement (0:00-0:30) not included on Seymour. 2 Funk (M. Davis) [Prelude, part 1] 21:39 3 Maiysha (M. Davis) (with applause) 15:47 Second set 4 Ife (M. Davis) 18:17 Thumb piano solo 17:00-18:28. 5 Mtume (M. Davis) 4:12 6 Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) 5:21 7 Tune in 5 (M. Davis) 4:04 "Willie Nelson" vamp 0:10-1:24. 8 Hip Skip (M. Davis) (with applause) 10:23
These discs:
Disc 1
D101 Announcer
D102 Funk>Maiysha
D103 Announcer

Disc 2
D201 announcer (probably a continuation of side a of tape, I don’t speak Japanese)
D202 Ife
D203 Mtume (based on Plosin, contains part of Ife_
D204 Turnaroundphrase, Tune in 5, Willie Neslon vamp, Hip Skip
D205 Announcer

In my opinion, divisions of songs from this era are somewhat arbitrary. I put the tracks where I did based on applause, changes in the music, and I did not segment the last few tunes for continuity. It is really, really out there and I don’t think anyone really knows when one song has actually changed to another as they appear to overlap to these ears.
You can always redo the files to your taste. When I received the tape, side a was labled as Maiysha, so I didn’t break it into two tracks.

disc one ffp

disc 2 ffp