1975-01-22 Tokyo

Disco1975-01-22 Tokyo
VenueJapan, Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis Another Unity Tokyo 1.22.75 en remaster.torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis Another Unity Tokyo 1.22.75 en remaster

Miles Davis Septet
Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall
Tokyo, Japan
22 January 1975
"Another Unity"
emperor nobody remaster

set 1:
1.Prelude & Funk
set 2:
5.Turnaround Phrase
6.Tune In 5

Miles Davis III: trumpet, organ
Sonny Fortune: alto & soprano sax, flute
Pete Cosey: guitar, synthesizer, kalimba, table percussion
Reggie Lucas: guitar
Michael Henderson: bass guitar
James "Mtume" Heath (nee Foreman): percussion, rhythm box
Al Foster: drums

SQ: a solid A+

contrast clause:
a post-FM, higher (4th) gen source of this was posted a few weeks ago at http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=185598
and is still seeding, although I'll leave it to the mods to decide whether it should come down in light of what follows:

Another "Another Unity" notes by nobody

OK, this show got posted a while back from a 4th generation FM tape, but circulates from (what sounds like the pre-FM) master as "Another Unity," a Japanese bootleg double CD. There is also a remaster around that repairs the extensive digital clipping evident in the Japanese CD, but as far as I know
that remaster is of the Japanese CD after it was slightly trimmed in order to accomodate
a single CDR. In the trimming, 28 seconds of music was lost, essentially the repeating
organ figure Miles plays to begin the first set.

I was able to download the FLAC files of the Japanese "Another Unity" double CD from another
tracker and re-edit it to include the lost music, as well as taking care of the clipping issues
(which weren't too too terrible, yet introduced a noticeable harshness to the recording, especially
in the organ, reeds/winds and guitars). The thing totals out at a snug 79:58 now.

As for the performance, well then. I'm not gonna elaborate too much, except to say that this sh*t
is insane. At the risk of making any enemies, I'll just state that IMO this concert almost eclipses
AGHARTA and blows away PANGAEA, the official (and as-essential-as-breathing) releases documenting
the Osaka concert of a week later. I realize the boldness of those words, but I dare you to
download this one and disagree. As a side note, if you don't have them you really ought to track down the Japanese CBS Mastersound CDs of AGHARTA and PANGAEA, which contain the complete concerts as opposed to the US CDs that are slightly (but, once again, noticeably) edited. They also sound way, way better too... no comparison, really.

At the risk of hyberbole, I'll say that this is as tight, as focused, as dynamically diverse, and
as balls-out shredding as ANY MILES ELECTRIC SHOW that I have ever heard, period. Whatever Pete
Cosey's on in this one ought to be put in the water supply, that's all I can say.

Special thanks go to blastroknow for reminding me of this show the other night, causing me to track
down the master and get baptized into the SoundForge Clipped Peak Restoration tool.

As always, groove like you mean it, and share like you'll die if you don't.

e. nobody
west oakland

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