1982-07-12 Boston

Disco1982-07-12 Boston
VenueUSA, Boston Common, Boston, Mass.
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: MilesDavisBoston12July82flac16.torrent
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Miles Davis group (with Mike Stern)
Boston Common
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
July 12, 1982
runtime: 72 min.
(Opener for the Pat Metheny Group)
performance quality: B/B+
Recording quality: B+ (6th row!)
lineage: Sony TC310 stereo cassette deck/built in mikes >
Maxell XLII master cassette (no dolby) >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC > torrent
Glasnost Radio Production certified gapless/glitchless/clipless
and pegless torrent. This torrent is part of glasnostrd19's
Jazz Masters series. Masters of jazz from master audience tapes.
This one is all one track because the transition between songs is
very hard to determine, and I didn't want to spoil a mice audie
with poor tracking. I don't know the setlist, once again a show not
found in etree listing as of this posting, yje first ever of this
master recording
This was an outdoor concert with Miles opening for Pat Metheny
Group. (I couldn't help thinking then and now, why the heck is Pat
the headliner of THIS gig? Somebody made a mistake there, I think,
I like the PMG somewhat too, but to me PMG stands for Pierre Moerlen's
Gong, or Pat Martino group). PMG is very big in Boston, in this case
big enough to get a 2 hour gig w/ Miles Davis as his opening act,
when Miles gets just over an hour. Maybe just as well, That seemed to
be about all Miles could handle at this time. The set is a good performance
and probably the best 310 recording I've ever made, both because I was in
the 6th row just to the right of center stage, just to the left of the
right side speaker column) and I was holding the deck in the air above
several heads for better sound fidelity. The 310 mikes are hardly high
fidelity, and it is an automatic-levelling deck, which is why I only used
one for about a year and then got a D-6 as soon as I was able to. I have
been often let down with the fidelity of most of my 310 masters, (thus there
were not many), but this was an exception so I'm seeding it, (the Peter Gabriel
Nov. 12, 82 show is another good one) confident that many will find it enjoyable
listening. The songs all run together so it's all one track, only a few seconds
missing for a quick tape flip which is spliced so to avoid the gap often
annoyingly left in some interrupted recordings. I think Miles was still
featuring the music of "the man with the horn" in this show (as with my other
Miles show of Nov. 81, not yet posted) and while that was a good show, I think
this was a little hotter/tighter performance than my other Miles torrent to come.
This was an outdoor show on a nice summer evening, nice energy for this show,
crowd was in a good mood too, not alot of crowd noise in the recording since
I was in front of most of them. I really hope the one long track doesn't get
this thing canned, as that problem apparently did to a ZZ Top concert posted
a few months ago, (that one also said it had been tracked and it hadn't been)
but this is one of those sets where the transition from song to song is not
very distinct at all, (I think they play 5 songs in here, without stopping).
and like most of the torrents in glasnostrd19's 4th of July torrent blast,
it's not found on etree. (not YET, that is...) Neither is the Pat Metheny
headline set which is next in my line of new posts and I hope to post that
immediately after I post this show in a seperate torrent, since these two
sets together would be a rather hefty (and punchy) download...
Toward the end of 82, and much of 83 Stern was joined by John Scofield in Miles'
group before leaving to play in his own group. This was still before Scofield
joined it. Mike Stern is from the Boston area so it was a hometown gig for him
and a "Sternly"- appreciative crowd (not just him thought). One of his better
shows with Miles that I've heard and Miles sounded pretty good here too. It
was a nice night for a show, warm but not unbearably hot.
if anyone has any of the 71-73 Boston Common shows, please post!!!
(especially Captain Beyond 72, Fleetwood Mac 72, Maha. Orch 73, uriah heep???)
Do not sell this recording.
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