1985-06-29 Saratoga

Disco1985-06-29 Saratoga
VenueUSA, Saratoga, N.Y.
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis Group
Miles Davis- trumpet, keyboards
Bob Berg- tenor and soprano saxophones
John Scofield- guitar
Robert Irving III- synthesizers
Darryl Jones- electric bass
Vincent Wilburn Jr.- drums
Steve Thornton- percussion
Kool Jazz Festival
Saratoga, N.Y. U.S.A.
June 29, 1985
performance quality: A-, nice music
recording quality: B to B+
pretty good for an outdoors jazz show.
lineage unknown (CD trade) but sounds clean,
possibly from a master, definitely an aud. recording
as some talking can be heard in some parts, not
enough to ruin it though.
runtime: 79:54
1: (fades in, and has a few brief flaws) 13:06
2: 5:51
3: 14:11
4: 16:03
5: 16:40
6: 13:38
7: closing stage announcements :23
a search on etree showed alot of Miles listings for 85,
but no info at all on this which isn't even listed. I find
that shocking, also means another setlistless Miles show,
but unlike the July 12, 82 show, this one is tracked.
on the west coast of the U.S. the big jazz gig is Monterey
(unlike the Pop Fest it still carries on) and in the east
coast it's the Newport Jazz Fest, more recently known as Kool
(as in the cigarette, Newport is a cigarette brand too but
also a R.I. resort city for even longer) jazz festival and
any big jazz festival in 1985 had to get a good miles show
to be complete. This was a pretty nice show and a pretty good
band. they played Montreal Jazz Fest the day before this,
but I'm pretty sure this is not that show. (6/22 they were in
New Haven). this festival used to be in Newport, but it's much
too small a town for such an enormous event and has been held
in a few different locations since then. some of the music is
"kool jazz" but the average temperature is around 90 degrees F.
(or warmer). This set has some "kool jazz", some funky stuff
and plenty of Miles jazz (he is his own category and he is
truly legendary).
do not sell this recording.
trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.